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Today, the article is about an Autoboy Dash Cam. It is an interesting application that lets you guard your phone for free.
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Android 5.0+
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Today, the article is about an Autoboy Dash Cam. It is an interesting application that lets you guard your phone for free. We know the importance of Black Boxes, right? This app has everything that you wish for.

About Autoboy Dash Cam

Autoboy Dash Cam
Convenience & Safety

Autoboy Dash Cam is among the most used and top-rated android applications to guard the phone. Hence, you have it installed on your phone and see what features it offers. We know that Black Boxes have now become a dire need in today’s world. Therefore, you should be guarding your android phone to keep yourself safe and secured. We also know that black box apps are costly, and therefore, many people cannot afford them. So, you should feel lucky that you can get such an app for free as it is available in the android market. Yes, you heard it right. You can have this Autoboy Dash Cam application for free.


So, you should be worried about the price you once had to pay for a black box application. With this application, you will be enjoying a range of exciting features that you see in paid applications of the same types. Therefore, we suggest you download and try the Autoboy Dash Cam once.

Autoboy Dash Cam APK Download

Additional Information

App NameAutoboy Dash Cam
Publisher APKROX
Compatible withAndroid 5.0+
Latest Versionv3.7.6
Size8.25 MB
CategoryAuto & Vehicles App
RequirementsInternet Connectivity

What main characteristics does an Autoboy Dash Cam have?

That being said, you will be enjoying and taking advantage of a range of features on this application. So, we have narrowed down some more proficient and attractive features of this application.

Key Features

So, we start with key features of this application that are explained below. We know that these features will be tempting for you.

  • A Non-stop recorder for the background is one of the key features of this app. It allows you to record your background until the battery drains. So, it enables continuous recording on your device.
  • Another key feature is the three-full foreground. What does it mean? It means that whether you are doing full screen, full recording or even full files, the resolutions or quality will be the same, and it never gets low. So, you also won’t be seeing new ones in your recording in the foreground.
  • There is a key feature of this application called to pause and background. So, it is, in fact, the first app in the new tech world that continues recording without changing the form of background recording. Isn’t it amazing?
  • Autoboy Dash Cam has this external SD card support for storage. So, it is basically a function to keep the large capacity storage for black-box video recordings. So, you will be able to save those videos or files in this external memory.

General Features

In addition to the key features, there are some most important general features of this application.

  • So, the Autoboy Dash Cam application supports the main theme that can be one of the Win8 style or round world style. It enables you to set themes according to your preferences.
  • Also, you will see different screen modes in this application, including length, reverse length, width and reverse width) It allows users to set the screen how they see it fits.
  • The most important thing is that it has support for 12 different languages. Starting from English, it covers German, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Italian, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese and Spanish.
  • There is another fascinating feature of selectable external and internal memory or storage, increasing the capacity.
  • Users can easily change the background without any trouble. How? So, you can change into background mode that will allow you to touch or drag the main screen of your phone. It is one of the most prominent and productive features of the Autoboy Dash Cam.

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Camera Features

The camera features of this application are so incredible. Let’s give each of them a short explanation.

Autoboy Dash Cam
Download Now
  • You can enjoy the feature of zoom in and zoom out as one of the most useful features of this Autoboy Dash Cam.
  • Moreover, the camera features also cover Focus and Flash. These are the important features, especially for users who love trying different things with cameras to improve their skills.
  • Nonetheless, it comes with sound on/off features. Sometimes, you are in a quiet place and do not like to disturb others. So, you can use this feature to make things easier.
  • You can also easily set up the exposure and effect using the camera features. Yes, you will have full control over how you want the recording and what effects you want to see.
  • Moreover, you will be enjoying scene mode selection and the grid line. This makes the camera settings more attractive, and you will see your quality improving.

Recording Features

  • There is an amazing recording feature that enables users to delete the record file automatically. So, it makes space for the new ones by deleting the previous ones.
  • Moreover, it supports both photos and video simultaneously.
  • There is an option of snapshot and subtitles. The event, time address and GPS will also be recorded.
  • Autoboy Dash Cam comes with a recording cycle and maximum capacity set-ups as well.
  • Nevertheless, you can set the quality of the video from advanced settings, covering both manual and auto.
  • There are also advanced settings in video recording, including frame rate, bitrate, encoder, audio quality and the most important resolution.

Video Administration Features

  • You will be able to record files archive. Moreover, they will be excluded from the auto-deletion.
  • Autoboy Dash Cam lets you record the most important file information, including location, file size, record time, direction, resolution and storage route.
  • You can even share your recorded files across other applications and can upload them on YouTube.
  • So, you will be able to delete the selected files or as a whole.
  • There are three modes in the video player. What are they? They are map mode, video mode and video+map mode.
  • You will also be provided with the snapshot player. It runs the video and snapshot files altogether.

Snapshot Admin Features

  • There is a gallery for snapshots.
  • Moreover, the app allows folders for each file of your recording.
  • You can see through the snapshot viewer.
  • The application provides a perfect link between the video player and the snapshot.

Advanced Features of Autoboy Dash Cam

  • So, the advanced features include GPS and a smart crash sensor.
  • There is an interesting feature of auto-starting and exiting.
  • There is a straight connection with the device gallery folder.
  • You will see widgets on the main screen. It means you can start and end recording easily and make a video list, and set them up.
  • There is an interesting background preview that allows users to have a small-size preview. Autoboy Dash Cam enables you to see screens in other applications.
  • Moreover, it has a feature of LED back-light. So, you will know that there is a recording going on with the help of this LED flicking.
  • It allows the execution of other apps. So, it means it is still a music player and navigation together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to download Autoboy Dash Cam?

Yes, the application is completely free.

Is it safe to install an Autoboy Dash Cam on the phone?

Yes, the application has passed all the security checks to ensure the safety of your device.

How can I download an Autoboy Dash Cam?

You can download this application from this link. Install the apk and enjoy the features.

Autoboy Dash Cam
Dash Cam Video Recorder


This application makes users satisfied as it continues recording the things happening on your phone. So, it works as a safeguard for your phone. Therefore, you should try it!

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How to install AutoBoy Dash Cam APK Download v3.7.6 Latest For Android APK?

1. Tap the downloaded AutoBoy Dash Cam APK Download v3.7.6 Latest For Android APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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