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In Crab war mod Apk players have to grow their enemies and they have to defeat all of their enemies. It is one of the adventurous and amazing game that offers the best game play.
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Android 4.1+
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Crab War Mod Apk

Crab war mod Apk is attractive story about the battle between crabs and reptiles. The story line in this game is appealing as this game starts with the dangerous conflict between crabs and reptiles. The habitat of crab was robbed by the dangerous and hazardous reptiles and they were forced to find new places where they can live. Crabs are weak species in front of reptiles and to live they go underground. After some time crabs starts fighting as they start getting the mysterious powers of strange crystals. In this game you will play as the head of the crab species and you have to gather the forces and to increase the strength so that the war can be launched.

Enjoy fierce battles

Crab war mod Apk is best for the one who loves the fights and battles and who want action on all over the phone screen. You will have fierce battle with different monsters of you continue to play the game for the long time. In this game each of the reptile boss has different abilities and there are 40 different types of reptiles available.

Crab War Mod Apk
Fearsome Bosses!

With powerful mutations the bosses also regenerate and to win the rewards you have to try to kill the souls. Also the help can be called in this game by the powerful asked such as golden rays and killer crabs if you are such in very fierce battle. The primary colors in this game are bright and it gives with the shark 2D images. In battles the sounds are so fascinating and always excites the players.

Download Crab War Mod Apk

In Crab war mod Apk players have to grow their enemies and they have to defeat all of their enemies. It is one of the adventurous and amazing game that offers the best game play.

Crab War Mod Apk Download

Additional Information

App NameCrab War Mod Apk
Compatible withAndroid 4.1+
Latest Versionv3.47.0
Size103 MB
RequirementsInternet Connectivity

The story of the Crab War Mod Apk

Many years ago there was a land of crab species which was invaded by the giant reptiles who take over. The crabs go underground to dance their lives from the enemies. But after some time crabs gets the power from the quartz crystals in ground and were ready for war to regain their land. The war had then been broken out.

Extend the fun of fighting by connecting with friends

Crab war mod Apk allows you to play with your friends and you can connect with them from social media. In challenging tournaments you can compete your friends from all over the globe. In the tough battle you can also show yourself by using the mighty crab legion. To climb the rankings you have to collect extraordinary and exotic crabs and you have to upgrade them. Users can get this app free from Google play store and they can enjoy it playing with friends for free.

Crab War Mod Apk
Killer Crabs

Features of  Crab War Mod Apk

  • You can fight with your friends and can also team up to fight the opponent.
  • In crab war mod Apk you have to control the crab too conquer and explore the vast island on which the game takes you.
  • With 3D graphics, various weapons and extremely vivid sound the battle with friends becomes more fun.
  • You have to control the tiny crabs by the controls on your screen with your fingers against the giant reptiles.
  • You have to choose the fierce crab and upgrade them to kill the enemies and win the war.
  • Players have to grow and upgrade their armies to win the game and defeat the enemies.
  • This game consists of modern graphics and action and also feel of classic game which was missing for a long time.
  • The set of gamers that loves the offline games with a simple touch control and addictive experience of gameplay are targeted by this game.

Interesting game play

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The Crab war mod Apk is the most interesting action gameplay as this game is based on the concept of fighting the invaders. It has a unique touch of fighting with the ugly and scary misters which excites the people the most. Because of this attractiveness of players to the misters the developer of this game and it comes with small cool and interesting crab monsters.

The strong enemies

In Crab war mod Apk the enemies are the giant sea monsters who for the hundreds of years have been ragging in the sea floor. They are so crowded and every time another ugly monster appears if you kill the one. They are so stronger and in one attack they has the power to eat an army of crabs. The estimated time to kill the monster is 30 seconds but it also depends on your power. The more good you earn the more powerful monsters you killed.


In Crab war mod Apk players have to grow their enemies and they have to defeat all of their enemies. It is one of the adventurous and amazing game that offers the best game play. The fate of the war between venomous reptiles and crabs was to be decided by you. It was hard to defeat reptiles so the power was needed to be evolved quickly in many directions. The fighting style is so attractive and the controls are simple. The crabs are crowded in the game by the giant sea monsters. To summon the crab units to attack the enemy you can touch anywhere in the screen. As the enemies are giant monsters and you have to attack then until their HP good down to 0.


Crab War Mod Apk
Evolution Path

Q1: Is Crab war mod Apk free of cost to download or we have to pay for it?

ANS: Yes no doubt it is totally free of cost software which has unlimited free features and options. Switching from free to professional module is a little bit costly but you can get complete Apk free from here.

Q2: Can we use this as an offline game?

ANS: Yes no doubt it is an offline and online both game. This game is popular because of its online version and it can be played on all type of devices such as Mac, windows, iOS and android.

Q3: If is legal to use Crab war mod Apk file?

ANS: This app’s APK file has full authorized formats until it is not get misused. If your phone is at low storage and you want a very loyal and less storage app then go for APK files as they are the best option.

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How to install Crab War Mod Apk Download V3.47.0 Latest For Android APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Crab War Mod Apk Download V3.47.0 Latest For Android APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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