DMCA Disclaimer

DMCA allows the owner of the website to submit a complaint if your copyrighted work is being copied by any other web. As it is your right to give notice to them because you are working hard on making your content unique. Everyone should follow the rules of DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998).

So, if you are confident that your copyrighted text is copied at this website. You may contact our copyright assistant as out-lined in DMCA.

For formally reporting the copyright infringement, you have to provide this information as these are the basic requirements from DMCA for compliant counter-notice.

You have to provide the following details while claiming copyright dereliction.

  • A wet or digital signature of the person who worked on the account of the copyrighted holder.
  • Recognition of the copyrighted work claimed for dereliction.
  • Proof of the copyrighted material that has to be derelict from the site.
  • Provide a telephone number, address or email so that the service provider can contact another party.

A declaration that says all the information provided is accurate by all means. In case of perjury, the copyright agent who worked on behalf of the owner or the owner itself has the right to take action.

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