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Epic hero weapon craft masters game is a fun game in which you can create your own weapon. The game is fun, and the interface is great.
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Epic hero weapon craft masters is a great game for those who like strategy games. It’s slow paced, but there is still a lot of action. It’s a great way to play with friends and enjoy the game together. Even if you don’t like strategy games you can still enjoy playing this game.

In Epic hero weapon craft masters, you take control of an army of characters that fight in battles. You can move your characters around the map and use their special abilities to defeat the opponents army. There are many different types of characters to choose from and each one has its own unique abilities.

This makes it so that no two games are exactly alike because each time you play you will have different characters available to use in battle. This makes it much more fun than playing against the same characters every time and trying to figure out how to defeat them using their special abilities.

Epic Hero Weapon Craft Masters
Epic Heroes Wars

Epic hero weapon craft masters

It is a game where you can fight with the weapon you make. You can create a sword, axe or shield. You will use the weapon you made to defeat your enemies.

There are three levels of weapons in the game: iron, steel and dragon bone. Depending on what level you choose, your weapon will be different.

In addition, when you fight with enemies, every time you succeed in defeating them, you will get a coin and experience point. With these coins and experience points, you can upgrade your weapon or make another one.


Epic hero weapon craft masters game is a fun game in which you can create your own weapon. The more powerful the weapon, the higher your chances of surviving! The game is fun, and the interface is great. The characters and weapons were all very cool.

Epic Hero Weapon Craft Masters APK Download

Additional Information

App NameEpic Hero Weapon Craft Masters
Compatible withAndroid 5.0+
Latest Versionv22.1.9.0
Size89.8 MB
CategoryStrategy Game
RequirementsInternet Connectivity


  • Create and customise a character
  • Early access to new heroes, weapon types, and materials
  • Fun and exciting social features
  • Perfect for fans of Fantasy action games with RPG slant
  • Epic hero weapon craft masters is one of the best game in the world.
  • This game has many great features that you can use to impress your friends.
  • You can build your own weapon and sell it to other players. This is good way to earn money.
  • If you want to become a member of our community, you can register on our website and start playing right now!

Storyline of the game

The game’s story is about a boy named Max who is a big fan of swords and weapons. His father, who was a sword maker, died when he was young. One day, Max was in his house, looking through his dad’s old books on swords to see if he could find a design for the ultimate sword. He stumbled upon an ancient tablet that read

“Whoever reads this tablet will have the honor of owning the ultimate weapon known to man”.

Max couldn’t believe what he had just read. That very instant, he rushed out of his house, went to the market and bought some iron ore and wood. After that, he went home and started crafting the ultimate weapon. To Max’s surprise, it worked!

The next day at school, they were having a test. Max was so tired from all the late night hours that he fell asleep during the test. The teacher caught him sleeping and decided to give him detention after school. Max knew that detention would be boring and decided to bring his newly crafted sword with him just in case someone tries to attack him. When it got dark outside, Max’s mom came to pick him up from school. On their way home a car suddenly stopped in front of them blocking their path.

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Meet the charaters of Epic hero weapon craft masters.

  • Haru – our main character, he is a very talented blacksmith who dreams of building his own forge.
  • Ryoko – Haru’s mother, she is a very kind and loving woman.
  • Yumi – Haru’s sister, she is a very brave warrior who helps her brother in crafting swords.
  • Takashi – Yumi’s husband, he is a great warrior as well. They met during one of their quests and fell in love.

This is a list of the characters in Epic hero weapon craft masters.

Epic hero weapon craft masters is a role playing video game developed by the Japanese video game developer, Capcom.

The characters are divided into the following categories:

  • Protagonists, who are controlled by the player
  • Non-player Characters (NPCs), who interact with the player and provide them with information and services, but cannot be controlled.
  • Antagonists, who represent an obstacle or threat to the player.
Epic Hero Weapon Craft Masters
Build Powerful Team


In this game, you are a sword master who has to fight off an enemy attack. Your goal is to create a better sword than the one you currently have. You can choose from four different types of swords: one-handed, two-handed, greatsword or dagger.

The player start with three lives and lose one every time an enemy hits it. You can use the weapons that you have created to attack enemies and protect yourself from their attacks.

The game has two modes: survival and creative mode. In survival mode, you need to survive as long as possible by creating new weapons. In creative mode, you can create any kind of weapon that you want without worrying about getting hit by an enemy’s attack.”

How to get the game

You can have your own Epic hero weapon craft masters game. The only thing you need to do is to follow the instructions below.

1.Go to your computer and open your browser.

2.Click on this link to download the game.

3.You will see there are many options of games with different characters and levels. You can choose any one of them as per your interest and level of gaming experience.

4.Now you are in a position to play this amazing game all alone or with your friends who may be sitting right next to you or across the country, because the game allows you to play it both ways.

5.And here we go! You can start playing this fantastic game with so many twists and turns that make it so much fun at every step of the way!

Epic hero weapon craft masters hacks

It is a classic game played by many of us when we were little kids. The common tactic is to craft an epic weapon and then fight a monster for weapons upgrade. There are some hacks for the game that can help you win the game.

  1. You can use the Epic hero weapon craft masters Hack Tool which will help you to get free unlimited weapons and resources.
  2. Use a Epic hero weapon craft masters Cheat Engine to hack the game. This is a good option if you want more control over the hack and tweak it more to your liking.
  3. Look on youtube for Epic hero weapon craft masters hack tutorials with proof, this method is guaranteed to get you free unlimited weapons and resources.
  4. Read an Epic hero weapon craft masters review article on how to win at the game, this may give you some good tips, hints and strategy guides.


Q:How can I contact the developers?

Ans: If you have any questions please contact us at info@epicheromasterguide.com

Q:What are the best weapons?

Ans: The best weapons are unique and legendary items. The higher the level of the item, the better stats it has, but also the more difficult it is to get.

Q: What does increasing my level do for me in Epic hero weapon craft masters?

Ans: As you increase your player level, you gain access to new skills and perks. In addition, some missions will require a certain player level in order to play them.

You also gain access to new items when you increase your player level. These items can be purchased from the item shop by spending coins (earned from completing missions) or gems (earned from completing daily challenges and leveling up).

Epic Hero Weapon Craft Masters
Unlimited Money


There is no competitive aspect to the game: there are no leaderboards or comparisons among players, and your individual score doesn’t matter—the team either wins or loses. You can play on a team with people you know, but I think the real fun comes from being assigned at random to a team with other strangers who are just as eager as you are to do their part and win.

The developers have created a system that actually facilitates cooperation and teamwork, rather than just talking about it or treating it as an afterthought. The game has been designed so that players who work together get bonuses and achieve more than they would on their own—and players who don’t work together.

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1. Tap the downloaded Epic Hero Weapon Craft Masters APK Download v22.1.9.0 APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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