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Oh-BiBi launched a new game, named as Frag Mod APK. It's a real-time shooter game with so many amazing and interesting functions.
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Oh-BiBi launched a new game called Frag pro shooter or Frag Mod APK. It’s a real-time shooter game with so many amazing and interesting functions. However, you need to be with us to get more details about this. Because this article is going to explain all the important things about Frag mod APK. You can go with the auto fire function first if you are new.

Frag Mod Apk

The game is an online first-person shooter. You will have dramatic gun battles with your opponents on the glory platform. Shooting is the primary focus of the game. But it does not contain gore or smoke. As well as, its 3D graphics are very attractive.

These guns look like toy guns. They’re vividly colored. You will not get out of your screen if you love shooting animation. Besides, you will control the gunner to play the game.


If you are a shooter lover, then you should download this amazing shooter game to the list of your favorite games.

Frag Mod APK Download

Frag Mod APK
Battle Deck

Additional Information

App NameFrag Mod Apk
Compatible withAndroid 4.4+
Latest VersionV2.20.0
Size141 MB
CategoryAction Games
RequirementsInternet Connectivity

Gameplay Guidelines

In the Frag pro shooter game, there are 10 players in every match. These players are divided into two equal teams. The only way to win is to defeat all of your opponents. In general, this game is a combination of different genres.

Speed, high accuracy, and reflexes are necessary to play the game. You can become an expert after playing some matches. Your communication skills will serve you best in this shooting game. Coordination between teammates is essential. Additionally, you should decide the positions of the players. Hence, this will directly affect the match.

To get more points, you should attack the opponent’s shields. In this way, you have to be very careful. There is a recovery box to heal after the match. Frag pro shooter is a very fast running game. You must kill as many enemies as possible. Do it in very little time to achieve success.

When the time is over, the team with higher points will get the title of winner. After some time, you can upgrade your character. In this way, you will get more premium skills. So, you can create a good collection. Then show off your professional shooting skills to become a legend.

It’s the Collection of Different Characters

The Frag mod APK has a wide range of characters. Its collection contains 40 different characters. Further, upcoming versions will have more characters, according to the developers. All characters of your squad play a significant role. Because each of them has its weapon.

So, choose wisely, as it will change your approach to the Frag mod APK. It has a high impact on the strategy of your team. It is very imbalanced to have a character with damage combined with healing.

Key Features of Frag Mod APK

This game stands out due to its unique features. Here is the explanation of all of them. These features will make the game your favorite. Excellent character transition

This game gives you great character transitions. Additionally, you can move from one character to another using this feature. You can do it in the case of the death of your character. It is the most important feature of Frag mod  APK.

Also, it helps to continue the gameplay without any disturbance. Gaming becomes more fun when you control the character.

Players From All Over The World

The Frag mod APK is highly popular. Interestingly, it possesses more than 20 million players around the globe. In this way, you will interact with characters of different expertise levels.

Several Playstyles

Each character in the game has a unique style of playing. In other words, you’ll need to learn the tricks your opponents use to increase your chances of destroying them.

View Modes

This game gives you two modes of systems. You can view and control your character in the first person or third person. Therefore, you can choose according to your ease. So, it is very user-friendly in this way. Whether you love the first-person view or you like the third-person view, it’s your decision.

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Realistic Graphics

The Frag mod APK has 3D graphics. It has beautiful colors and amazing game phases. Additionally, its graphics with exciting effects give you a gear visual experience. With the scientifically designed interface, you can easily operate without much difficulty.

Customizations Options

This allows its user to modify the gameplay. In other words, the gameplay is also customizable. For example, this function could be used to get unique defense and attacking styles. Along with this, it is easy to switch between your 5 characters. Additionally, you can do it at any moment in the game.

Variety Of Maps

The Frag pro shooter game has a variety of maps. In each match, you will find new locations. So, try to remember all the locations. In this way, you will know how to hide and how to attack an enemy to get more scores.

A variety of maps also engages you in the game. Because you are not going to get bored with the same location in every match. And you will explore new areas.

Join Clubs

The Frag pro shooter divides clubs all around the world and across the country. The club allows you to talk to other players as well. You can also gain combat experience here. Also, you can create your club for 1000 gold.

You can stand out with your ability to admire other players. As a team-based game, Frag Pro Shooter requires coordination between many players. You will create a team with many weapons to get a victory. To find out what you are most capable of, try many offensive and defensive roles.

Frag Mod APK
Frag Pro Shooter

How to Play Frag Pro Shooter With Your Friends?

This game doubles your enjoyment by allowing you to invite your friends and family to play with you. Here is a complete process of doing this. Follow these simple steps to play with your friends.

The first step is simply to go to your game profile and tap the Friend Code” button. You can easily locate the button at the top right corner of the dashboard. Second, click now on the “Send your code to your friends” button. Therefore, it’s up to you who you invite and from where because you can also invite friends from social media platforms.

Thirdly, go to Fans base and head to the friend’s tab. Click on the profile of your friend and message a Duel request. Lastly, ask your friend to join the game and enjoy.

How to download Frag mod APK?

The downloading process of Frag pro shooter is quite simple. You can access it on the Google play store and the App Store. In addition, both android and iPhone users can install it manually by searching.

Just go to the app or google play store and search for Frag Pro Shooter. So, it will appear at the start of search results, install it and start playing.

PC or laptop users can also play the game with the use of different software. There is a lot of software available for this purpose. Choose any of them to perform your task.


In conclusion, Frag Pro Shooter is one of the best 3D shooting games. It is due to its customizations. You can customize the gameplay and your character as well. Due to this, the Frag pro shooter is the most popular.

You can change your character as well. In this way, its entertainment is timeless. So, why are you waiting? Download the Frag pro shooter right now to enjoy its exciting functions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frag Mod APK
Unlock All Characters

Q1) What is Frag Mod APK in simple words?

FRAG Pro Shooter Mod APK is a dynamic multiplayer shooter. Here you must strive to remove opposing parties, and if arcade features like automatic shooting meet, then it is essential to adopt a strategic strategy that decides about the battlefield. You can completely incorporate complex environments, a range of weaponry, gorgeous three-dimensional visuals, and animations into one arcade project with this gaming Mod Apk.

Q2) Is it possible to get FRAG MOD APK for Android?

Yes, the game is compatible with Android phones and tablets. This online shooting game is really addicting. There are plenty of wonderful sights to behold. Make sure to do daily duties to get additional awards at the end of each battle.

Q3) How to download the Frag Mod APK for Android?

To download this app for Android or IOS, simply visit your smartphone Google Play Store and search the app. You will get the app there. Next, tap the install button and enjoy it.

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How to install Frag Mod Apk Download v2.20.0 Latest For Android APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Frag Mod Apk Download v2.20.0 Latest For Android APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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