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Granny 3 APK is a fantastic horror game. It is the third part of this exciting series. This game has its own story for the players.
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Granny 3 APK is a fantastic horror game. It is the third part of this exciting series. This game has its own story for the players. You will get everything about the Granny 3 APK in this article. Also, the game combines all the factors of thrill, fun, and excitement.

What Exactly is Granny 3?

You may be familiar with the storyline if you follow Granny’s parts one and two. A similar storyline also runs through part 3, but the action is far more thrilling and exciting in part 3. Also, you will find more simple and easy control than the older ones.

The game starts with a horror house. This game challenges you to escape the horror house within five days. Furthermore, it is a first-person horror game. Therefore, it is not easy to escape the house within the given time.

Granny 3 Apk
Grandpa & Granny 3 House Escape

The house of Granny 3 is full of traps to pull you back from escaping the house. But don’t worry, we will guide you completely about the Granny 3 APK. So, you can get real fun from the game and also you will win the challenge.

You can find it easily if you have played its earlier installments. Because in this case, you are familiar with most of the things in the game. In this way, there is only a need to learn about the new additions in the game. This article is also helpful for you to learn about these new additions.


The latest and current version of Granny 3 is available and it has more than one million downloads from the Google Play Store alone. Download the game and play.

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Additional Information

App NameGranny 3 APK
Compatible withAndroid 4.4+
Latest Versionv1.1.2
Size71.58 MB
CategoryArcade Game
RequirementsInternet Connectivity

The plot of the Granny 3

In the third part of the Granny series, you will find yourself in a forest walking around. And you explore a new house in the forest. According to the story, Grandpa and Granny are the house owners. As soon as the player opens the door of the house, Grandpa shoots him with his shotgun.

The player has to play the role of a prisoner in the game. But the player is caged in the house with a terrible family. Both of the house owners do nothing special but guard their homes. To fulfill your task, you can use different objects from the outside and inside of the house.

But remember to produce no sound in your journey of getting out of the house. If you make any type of sound, then the Granny will catch you with the help of the sound. Also, you are allowed to hide under different objects.

You can easily use a bed, couch, or wardrobes for this action. However, if you fail in your attempt and Granny catches you, then you will lose one day. So, you have to play very carefully to meet the target in five days.

What’s new in the latest Granny series:

In this game, you are going to see many new additions that will catch your attention instantly. So, here is a list of additional things you are going to enjoy.

A new map

So, developers have added a new and interesting map to explore, not to make you bored with the latest version. In this case, the game becomes more interesting with every new location you find.

A new enemy with the name of Slendrina

Along with a new map, you will find a new character Slendrina in the game. The introduction of this character is to make the game more challenging and fun for the player. Now you have to be careful from Slendrina with Grandpa and Granny.

Slendrina has the power to kill your character in the game. And every time she is caught, you will lose her one day. To avoid this situation, don’t stare at Slendrina.

New items in the game

Along with Slendrina and a map, you will also find a new joystick, item interaction option, and crouch button in Granny 3. So, you have to spend some time to make yourself familiar with the gameplay.

Graphics and sound effects

The Granny 3 comes with high-quality graphics and realistic sound effects. Its graphics are outstanding in creating a feeling of a realistic environment. Every sound in the game adds more thrill. You can choose the practice mode to discover the entire map.

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The game’s realistic graphics will force you to jump out of your seat. Granny 3 has entirely different gameplay. The game suits you best if you are in search of some new content.

Characters in the Granny 3 APK

You will find 3 main characters in the Granny 3 APK. The first one is Grandpa, the second one is Granny, and the third one is Slendrina. Granny is the strongest character in the game with an extraordinary power of hearing. Mainly Grandpa carries a shotgun with him.

The player will die if they stare at Slendrina’s eyes for too long without looking at anything else. So, you can get an idea about how much you can expect from the Granny 3. The game also offers a variety of levels ranging from beginner to expert.

If you are a beginner, then you can go with the easiest level, and after some time, you can go with the expert level. However, your enemies will give you more tough competition as you go higher with the levels. They will move faster and can even hear the sound of the floor creaking.

Granny 3 APK
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Avoid dropping items

Try not to drop any item to avoid the noise. Also, you can do it if you have a plan in your mind. For example, you can drop an item on another side of the house to distract Granny. In this way, you can explore the house to find a way to escape the house.

Use teddy bear

In this section, we are going to give good news. First, you can remove the character of Slendrina from the game. But for this, you have to find a teddy bear which is hidden in the house. For this, you can explore the drawers and wardrobes.

When you find the teddy bear, you have to drop it in the cot. Upon completing the objective, Slendrina will disappear from the game. So, now your task of escaping the house is more effortless.

Bear traps in Granny 3 APK

The game includes bear traps inside and outside of the house. So, you have to keep active when investigating the area. Players must break free of bear traps after getting trapped for a few seconds.

Look down on the screen to see if there are bear traps. Avoid long jumps to win the game. If you try a long jump, then your character will die, and you will lose a day. It is possible to jump from the roof to grass but not to concrete.

Get advantage of the rooms

Don’t forget to take advantage of beds, sofas, and wardrobes to hide you. You have often needed to hide if you don’t want to be caught by the enemies. Remember not to use the moat outside the house as a place to hide.

And as a player, you are recommended to close the entire door behind you. You can do it if you are asked to do it precisely.

How to download the Granny 3 APK

In this section, you will find a complete guide to downloading Granny 3 APK on mobile and laptop.

The Downloading guidelines for Android:

For Android users, the process of downloading the Granny 3 APK is straightforward and easy. Along with the exciting graphics and sound effects, the game is available on the Google Play Store. Download Granny 3 without any charges right now. Search for Granny 3 on the Google Play Store and install it without hassle.

The downloading Guidelines for PC or laptop:

If you love to play games on your gaming laptop or PC, then you can also play Granny 3 on your gaming laptop. In this case, your system has to fulfill some basic system requirements. A laptop or PC with a minimum of 4 Gb RAM and 512 Mb is enough.

There is a lot of free software in the market to download Granny 3 on your laptop. Follow any of the software and download Granny 3.


Hence, now you know all the important and small details of the Granny 3 APK. The main storyline and the challenges you have to face are explained in detail. If horror is what you are a fan of, then you should give it a try.

You will be lost in the gameplay when you start it. Its good-looking graphics give a feel as if you are stuck in a lonely house with a horrifying family.

Granny 3 Apk
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: How to Download Granny 3 APK?

One can quickly get the game from the Google Play Store. Just open your IOS and visit your play store, type the game name, click to install, and then entertain yourself with it.

Q2: How to get Granny 3 APK for PC?

Similarly, it is also not a big thing to download the game for a PC or laptop. Simply download any android emulator and get the game from its play store.

Q3: Can one play Granny 3 offline?

Yes, one can play this game offline easily. So, once you download it through the internet, then there is nothing to worry about the network problems. Because you can enjoy playing this game offline.

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How to install Granny 3 APK v1.1.2 Latest For Android APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Granny 3 APK v1.1.2 Latest For Android APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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