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HDCam Pro APK is an application that will enhance the capability of your android phone's camera. Its design is very simple and intuitive.
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Android 4.4+
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Every photographer wants high quality and super cool photos. All the cameras not only require professional knowledge of photography but also they are costly. But if we can do the same thing with our mobile camera, it is a beautiful concept. So, HDCam Pro APK is for you.

Today you can find various photo editing apps and several cameras with exciting filters. But to keep all these applications on your mobile requires a lot of space. It is good to have an application that contains all the features needed in this situation.

Camera For You

Cameras with which android phones come don’t have many options. In this case, HDcam Pro APK is a problem solver. You can view 4k images on your mobile device with this app. So, you can polish your skill and take professional photos on your smartphone.

If you have the HDCam pro on your phone, you can do everything in a single app. It has a lot of functions and operations to make it more useful. And the developer has paid the same attention to application design.


HDCam Pro APK is an application that will enhance the capability of your android phone’s camera. Also, its design is very simple and intuitive. Further, it will complement your photography skills.

HDCam Pro APK Download

Additional Information

App NameHDCam Pro APK
Compatible withAndroid 4.4+
Latest Versionv1.2
Size6 MB
RequirementsInternet Connectivity

Significant features of HDCam pro

The HDCam Pro APK has various editing and filter options. It has many customizations that you can set according to the environment you need for the photo. Also, you can shift between the several modes. Here go through the complete detail of all the features.

You can set a timer

If you are one who doesn’t satisfied with someone else’s work. If you want to click your photos yourself, the HDCam pro is the best solution. Therefore, you can set a timer, and you can make the pose you want in time.

Several filters

HDCam pro comes with several photo filters. You can use these filters before or after clicking the photo. With this, it has many essential photo editing tools. After taking the photo, you can test multiple filters to check out which one is best for you.

Best for selfies

Also, you can switch between the front and back camera in the application. In this way, you can create a lot of beautiful selfies. Moreover, HDCam pro is best for selfie lovers. Because it can remove blemishes very neatly. In this way, it highlights your attractive features.

Autofocus ability

Autofocus ability is the most crucial feature that a photographer needs. It gives you relaxation in your work. Because you don’t have to set the focus manually every time. Especially if you are going to do street photography, then it helps you a lot.

Also, you can use it when you are shooting moving objects.

Frames and stickers

A variety of frames are included in the HDCam pro, so you can create more creative photos. If you are active on social media, then you can also add stickers to your photos. Moreover, you will also find animated stickers in the application. All the frames and stickers are free to use in your photos.

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Time saver

After going through all the features, now you know how many operations you can perform with the app. With this app, you can edit photos in every way you need. Generally, if you want all the functionalities, then you have to own many applications.

And switching between the apps for one project is very irritating and time-consuming. As a result, the application saves you time and makes your job easier.

High-quality photos

You can click HD quality photos that will compete with professional photographs. High-quality photos with your smartphone are the thing that everyone wants today. Because you cannot take your camera with you all the time, but you have access to your mobile anytime.

In this way, you can take photos of whatever and whenever you want. If you take a low-quality photo and then use cut or resize options, it may be blurred. So, you can easily make a lot of customizations with your high-quality images.

Shooting Mode

Photo editing

You can edit your photo to your liking during post-production if you are not completely satisfied with the final work. You can edit your photos with HD Camera. Besides cropping, resizing and changing the brightness of an image, you can also crop an image.

In addition to the effects and options in HD Camera for Android, you can customize your photos. The app allows you to group images into photo collages. There is a library of existing filters that you can choose from instead of editing your photos manually.

Best for beginners

This app makes it easy to play with a camera without knowing much about how it works. You can create a masterpiece with the basic knowledge of the camera. If you’re using a phone or tablet, the interface is user-friendly.

It runs efficiently and quickly since it is a native Android app. If you are familiar with using a mobile camera, HD Camera for Android is easy to use. Several modes of your camera can improve images and maximize its capabilities.

Superzoom option

Along with all the other benefits, the app has a superzoom option. In other words, you can zoom the camera without losing the quality of photos. When you take a photo, and after that, cut the picture to zoom out some object, you may lose the quality.

So, it is better to click the photo with the superzoom option. This function also helps the user to click high-quality photos of small objects. Also, it helps to capture objects from a large distance.

Night mode

The HDCam Pro APK has a night mode option. If you think your photos are looking too dark, then you can enable the mode. This function is beneficial if you are clicking the photos in low light. Similarly, you can use it in night photography.

This mode helps the camera to capture more light. So that your photo will be more clear and bright.

How to download the HDCam pro?

You can use the HDCam Pro APK on your mobile or tablet for clicking high-quality photos. But also, you can use it on a laptop or PC due to its fantastic photo editing options. Therefore, you can edit your old pictures on your laptop.

How to download on an Android phone

  • Follow our easy to do guide to download the app on your phone.
  • First of all, go to any browser on your phone like Google or Chrome and type “HDCam pro APK”, and you will see a lot of results.
  • The second step involves finding the Google Play store link or opening the Google Play Store directly on your mobile device.
  • After that, click download, it will ask for some permissions. These permissions are necessary to allow if you want to use the app. For example, it will require access to your camera for capturing photos. And ask for access to your storage for saving your images. After giving permission, the app will install quickly.

How to download on laptop or PC

Follow our guidelines if you want to download the HDCam pro APK on your laptop or PC. For this, you need the help of some third-party software. You can easily find such software that will allow you to download many apps on your laptop.

Download any of such types of software, and you will find the Google Play Store in it. After that, follow the same process for android mobiles and enjoy editing.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1): Is HDCam pro safe to use?

Yes, the HDCam pro is entirely safe and secure. It doesn’t go to harm your device in any way. There is no requirement of any type of account creation to use the app.

In this way, you are not asked to provide any personal information. As a result, you can use it without hesitation.

Q2): Is HDCam Pro free to use?

Yes, the application is completely free to download and use on any device like smartphones and tablets.

Q3): What is the latest version of the app?

The latest version of the app on the Google play store is 1.2. So, you can download the latest version of the app from the Google play store. However, if you have already installed it, then you can just update it.



Hence, now you are fully equipped with all the important and essential information about the HDCam Pro APK. However, in short, it will increase the capability of your normal android phone’s camera. You can click high-quality photos even in low light with night mode. So, to optimize your camera’s functionality, this app is the best solution for you.

Moreover, you can edit your old photos with various editing options. And the editing with this app is very easy. You don’t require any professional knowledge to use it. In conclusion, it is the best tool for smartphone users.

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How to install HDCam Pro APK v1.2 Latest For Android APK?

1. Tap the downloaded HDCam Pro APK v1.2 Latest For Android APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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