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Kinemaster Pro App Apk is a free video editing software that enables users to make professional-quality videos with their smartphones and tablets
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Android 7.0+
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Kinemaster Pro App Apk is the best app for Android devices to create animated movies. It is a professional video editor app, with which you can easily create video clips and make your videos. You can shoot videos from your Android device or a webcam and add effects, text, music, and voice recordings to the video clips. If you want to make live streaming on YouTube or Facebook, then this is the best app for that. It lets you record your voice with your Android device’s microphone and add it to the video clip on your android phone. You can create different types of videos like slideshow videos, photo slideshows, stop motion videos, GIFs, etc. You can also add stickers and filters to the photos and videos that you have taken or added already in Kinemaster Pro App Apk. It is an easy-to-use app with a user-friendly interface.


In 2001, it was created by an engineer named Andrew Sokolov. He developed this application at home. His main purpose was to make it easy for amateur photographers and videographers to edit their videos. He did not have any plans to release this application commercially.

Kinemaster Pro App Apk

In 2004, Andrew Sokolov decided to commercialize this application. He released a version of his application on his website called “Kinemaster 1”. This application had three video tracks and one audio track that was recorded from the camera’s input jack.

In 2005, Kinemaster 2 was released which had the same features as Kinemaster 1 but with many changes in the user interface and some bug fixes. In 2006, Apple Inc. (Apple) bought this application for 29 million dollars and re-branded it as “iMovie” for its operating system Mac OS X (Mac OS X).

Download Kinemaster Pro App Apk

Kinemaster Pro App Apk is a free video editing software that enables users to make professional-quality videos with their smartphones and tablets. The app also allows them to add various effects and filters to their videos, making them more attractive.

Kinemaster Pro App Apk Download

Additional Information

App NameKinemaster Pro App Apk
Compatible withAndroid 7.0+
Latest Versionv6.0.7
Size110 MB
RequirementsInternet Connectivity


Here are some of the features available in the Kinemaster Pro App Apk:

-Import your video clips from your gallery or camera

-Make a collage of pictures or video clips

-Add text to any video clip, picture, or collage

-Colorize any picture or video clip with different filters

-Cut out parts of a video clip or picture to make it loopable

-Animate parts of a video clip or create a stop motion effect by freezing parts of a video clip

-Add audio to any picture or video clip, even add multiple sounds to one picture or video clip

-Trim videos, cut videos, rotate videos, change playback speed on videos

Kinemaster Pro App Apk

How to use it?

Here are some tips to use it well:

  1. Kinemaster Pro App Apk offers two different types of video editing tools: Video Effects, and Stickers. Video Effects come with a variety of text effects and overlays, as well as the ability to add stickers, sound effects, slow motion, and other features. Stickers can be added to any part of the frame and can be resized or rotated easily to fit in any space on the screen.
  2. To get started, tap on the plus button at the bottom of the screen to start a new project. You’ll then be prompted to import media from your camera roll onto your project (you can also choose from Google Drive or Dropbox). It’s worth noting that Kinemaster Pro does not currently support 4K resolution for videos—only for photos—so you’ll want to make sure your media is at least 720p HD if you want it to show up in full quality when you’re watching your final product.
  3. Once you’ve imported your media, tap on the timeline at the top of the screen to get started editing! There’s also an option to edit photos on a separate tab if you’re only using photos.

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How to edit a video?

To edit a video on Kinemaster Pro App Apk, first, you have to go to the menu bar. Then, you need to click on the blue button. After that, you need to click on “Import”. Once done, you will be able to import videos from your library or the camera. The next step is choosing the video which you want to edit. When choosing a video, it is good to select a short video with good quality.

If the video has bad quality, you can use the other options. The next step is trimming the video or having it according to your needs. You can also choose different filters and add text in the middle of your video. After that, there are some options like making the slow motion and adding background music.

You can also share this video with your friends or save it on your phone by clicking on the square button on the top right side of the screen. Finally, when everything is cool, click on the “Done” button and then wait for some seconds until your work is saved.

How to download it?

1) Download the latest APK file

2) Connect your device to a PC via USB cable

3) Copy the APK file to your Android device (if it’s not installed on your device, you need to transfer it to the “Download” folder)

4) Disconnect the USB cable, and then open Kinemaster Pro App APK in a file manager (e.g., ES File Explorer…)

5) Run the app and enjoy

Pros and Cons


  1. Easy installation
  2. User-friendly interface
  3. You can download a video and edit them easily with this app
  4. Powerful video editing functions
  5. Share the videos you have edited via social media or messaging apps


  1. The app is heavy and takes up storage space on the device.
  2. The app takes more storage space from your device when installing it.

Kinemaster Pro App Apk for Android

Kinemaster is the best video editor for android. This app will be a nice addition to your video-making toolkit. It is a great app to use if you are looking to make high-quality movies on your phone. The app features an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to edit videos using your favorite videos and music. It also comes as a free app so you can try it first before you decide to purchase it.

Kinemaster Mod Apk for Pc

Kinemaster Mod Apk for IOS is the best app to create video clips and make your animated videos, using different effects and also stickers. This version is the official version of Kinemaster Pro Apk for Android.

Latest Version

Kinemaster Pro App Apk is the latest version of the Kinemaster apk. It is an application that allows you to edit the video files stored on your device. The latest version of the Kinemaster Mod Apk app is now available on the Google Play store. This new version brings a lot of new improvements and updates. The app has been redesigned to be more user-friendly and intuitive.

The developers are committed to providing users with the best video editing experience possible. The latest version adds more video effects, more transitions, and special effects, along with an updated music library that features hundreds of songs to choose from.


What is the best way to learn filmmaking?

A: You can learn filmmaking from YouTube, Coursera, Lynda, and so on.

Is it free to use Kinemaster App?

A: Yes, you don’t need to pay for anything when you use Kinemaster on your Android phone or tablet.

Kinemaster Pro App Apk

Where can I get the most updated version of the Kinemaster Pro App Apk?

A: You can download the latest version of the Kinemaster app from Google Play Store or APK Mirror.

What do I need to support editing videos with this app?

A: You need a good Android smartphone or tablet.

Does this app support my foreign language (e.g., German)?

A: Yes, you can use Kinemaster Pro App Apk to edit videos in any language (e.g., English, Chinese, German).

When I play videos on this app, they are very small and blurry. Why?

A: Please use MP4 format videos which are encoded as H264 codec in 1080p resolution and below 50MBs for playing them on the Kinemaster Pro Apk app.


Kinemaster Pro App Apk is a very good editing application for android users. All the features are quite comprehensive. The interface is highly customizable and well designed. You can also add music or other sounds to your videos. The only downside to this app is that it’s not free at all, but you can download it from our site for free.

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How to install Kinemaster Pro App Apk Download V6.0.7 Latest For Android APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Kinemaster Pro App Apk Download V6.0.7 Latest For Android APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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