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Mobileuncle MTK Tools is one of the most exciting and handy android apps that conveniently enable users to retrieve the device information.
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Android 5.0+
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Mobileuncle MTK Tools is an application that makes your search about your device easy. You will get information about your phone, backup IMEI and other things, including search, rebooting the device, flash recovery etc.

Download Mobileuncle MTK Tools and see what it has to offer you. So, if you use MTK devices, then this app will work just perfect for you. It will help fulfill your needs. This article is focusing on introducing one of the most incredible apps to you. Mobileuncle MTK Tools app is considered an all-rounder app. So, keep reading the article to see why it is that. There is a range of features that will compel you to download the app, and you will also recommend it to your friends for sure.

So, without further ado, let’s start reading how it made it to the top applications for android users. It is a fantastic and useful application with extraordinary characteristics for users worldwide. So, it lets you activate the services mode on the MTK device that you use. Mobileuncle MTK Tools give permission to do various augmentation tasks by MTK users. Are you familiar with MTK or just MediaTek? If not, let us tell you that it is an exceptional tech company that produces and distributes amazing tech products worldwide and has millions of consumers. So, there is no competition from this company in manufacturing the quality and affordable default chips that are used in the android devices.

In case you do not have any information about it, this company manufactures the best chips at a very reasonable pricing for most dual-sim android phones. So, if you are a user of MediaTek, you can enjoy a range of additional features and options with Mobileuncle MTK Tools.

Why Mobileuncle MTK Tools Application?

Where it comes with many exciting features, you will be surprised to know that it is a free application. So, with Mobileuncle MTK Tools, you can tug on all crucial information you want to know about your device.

Additionally, it lets you make a backup of IMEI. However, there are a bunch of multiple tools available in the Mobileuncle tools app. It is worth mentioning that you can only enjoy these features and options if you have an MTK device. As a matter of fact, users won’t be able to use the options offered by the app.

Mobileuncle MTK Tools APK
How To Change IMEI
  • Furthermore, the app displays the complete information about the device. It also updates the stock browse mode with many extra options. So, you can easily and quickly retrieve the backup of your device’s IMEI, whether your device is single or dual sim.
  • Moreover, it lets users solve the GPS troubleshooting problems with the available power GPS search tool provided by the app.
  • The feature that can be more appealing for you is the SD function. So, this feature will allow you to port the pre-installed applications of your phone to an SD card. Consequently, you can use these apps later on.

You should know that, in order to use the Mobileuncle MTK Tools app, you must allow access. But you must try this application if you look for a perfect and reliable way to backup IMEI and other important features. However, you must know the use of this Mobileuncle MTK Tool app because you might mess up the device if you cannot use the application.


Mobileuncle MTK Tools is one of the most exciting and handy android apps that conveniently enable users to retrieve the device information

and many other crucial things.

Mobileuncle MTK Tools APK Download

Additional Information

App NameMobileuncle MTK Tools APK
Compatible withAndroid 5.0+
Latest Versionv20
Size2.6 MB
RequirementsInternet Connectivity

What are the Pros and Cons of Mobileuncle MTK Tools App?

The application has more pros than cons. Therefore, it is widely used worldwide.


  • You can see all of the information on your screen without any trouble.
  • It works very fast; you won’t have to wait.
  • There are many new and exciting updates.
  • You can easily backup IMEI.
  • It also comes with stock firmware.


  • The only drawback of this app is that you can only use it on MTK devices.

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Features of Mobileuncle MTK Tools

Device Information

The application enables you to get all the information about the device. So, you will see the CPU information, Kernel info, Screen info, OS info, Mount status, ROM memory, MTD, SD memory and the most important Built information.

Engineer Mode

The application allows you to modify the IMEI different test tools and manage the parameters on the MTK devices.

Mobileuncle MTK Tools APK
Engineering Processor

Recovery Update

Mobileuncle MTK Tool app enables users to update the current device recovery to the most latest one. So, with this application, you can make easy flash recovery from the MTK device. You can also search for the updated recovery file on the internet.

Update Tool

Users can use this amazing tool. So, you can easily flash the stock firmware on the MTK device. You can also load the firmware on the SD. Start the app, open this tool, and it will let you update the device quickly.

IMEI Backup and Restoring

It enables users to backup IMEI and restore it on the MediaTech devices. So, with this feature, you can backup the existing IMEI of the device. It doesn’t even matter whether your device is single or dual sim; you can always restore the backup.

Power GPS Search

If your device’s GPS is not working perfectly, this feature will help you. It will fix the GPS on your device quickly.

App to SD

This is the most exciting feature as it enables users to transfer the pre-installed application on the MTK device to the available SD memory card. It might not work for all devices.


This feature allows you to reboot the device into the available recovery mode without any trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth downloading the Mobileuncle MTK Tools application?

Yes. It definitely is the best application to download and use. With this app, you can recover the device info easily with a bunch of features. You instantly have the complete information, backup and other services for free on MTK devices.

Is it safe to use the Mobileuncle MTK Tools application?

Yes, this is an incredible app and is completely safe to use. However, you should know how to use it beforehand. Otherwise, you could see things not working properly in your way. So, watch the tutorial before you start using this application.

Is it free to download and use Mobileuncle MTK Tools?

Yes, you don’t have to worry about paying for using the services offered by this application. You can use all the options of this application for free. However, it is one of the reasons people use this application.

Can I use the Mobileuncle MTK Tool app on my android device?

If you are using an MTK device, then you can enjoy all features this application offers. If you are using any other device, then it is not possible to use this application.

Mobileuncle MTK Tools APK
Superuser Permission


So, the Mobileuncle MTK Tools application is the most reliable application being used for getting device information without any trouble. Therefore, we suggest you choose this application and tug core information about your MTK device on your phone. Recovering the IMEI powering the GPS has now become much easier with this application.

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How to install Mobileuncle MTK Tools APK v20 Latest For Android APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Mobileuncle MTK Tools APK v20 Latest For Android APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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