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ShareMe App is a free data transfer application that can be downloaded on your android device and can transfer file to any of the devices.
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Android 5.0+

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How do you transfer files between two phones? Many of the people transfer it via WhatsApp which they think is the easiest solution apart from all the limitations but for that, you have to face a lot of issues like good internet connection is the priority and then the other major problem occurs is that transferring via WhatsApp ends up losing quality or pixels especially if it is an image or a video. While seeing all the issues and with a hundred million downloads ShareMe app which was previously known as Mi Drop is one of the very popular transferring files on the Play store.

Xiaomi’s ShareMe App

Xiaomi’s ShareMe App is a file manager application that can share a variety of items through Wi-Fi or without any data or internet connection. Once you have selected the file which you want to send on your phone, and after selecting the receive option on the other phone, It can detect both nearby devices easily to maintain the connection. It shares data simply, fastly and with a secure process.

This application is safe to download and don’t carry malware or virus with them. The only problem this application has is that it doesn’t let users send files to multiple users at the same time.

Additional Information

App NameShareMe
Compatible withAndroid 5.0+
Latest Versionv3.20.05
Size34.6 MB
RequirementsInternet Connectivity

User Interface

When it comes to the user interface, This application has a clean and user-friendly design. All of the options are present on the homepage that means you don’t have to search for a particular type of option you need. Moreover, there is also a search box option in which you can search any file or any type of option you need. You have to install it on your phone as well as it is necessary to install this app on the receiving phone.

How to Use ShareMe App To Transfer Files on Android?


If you are using the app the first time you have to allow and give access to photos, files, and other options on your phone. Then you have to choose your name and the profile picture. Though the ShareMe app assigns a name to your phone by default it is best to add your name because it will give ease to your search process later.

ShareMe App Download


Once you have done with all the settings, click on the send button and select all the files of media you want to transfer. It only shows installed packages and applications by default but you can also send documents, media, songs, and other audio files. All you have to do is to browse the top searches. After you select what you want to send click on the send button and meanwhile click on the receive button on the other phone after following the above installation.

ShareMe App
ShareMe App


Once you have clicked on the send button, your phone will start searching for the receiving device. If the receiving phone is nearby, you will see the receiver’s profile picture on your phone. Just click on the picture, it will get selected, and the transfer will start automatically.  Once the transfer is complete, click on click on the cancel icon on the top left corner of your screen to finish the transfer, and congratulations, your transfer is done.

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How to Transfer The Data To Other Devices?

Do you ShareMe can send and share files to only android devices?  Then you are thinking wrong. It can transfer files to other devices as well such as PC (computers, laptops), and to iOS devices as well such as iPad, iPhones, and Mac books.  Below is the procedure in which you will get to how to transfer files to PC and iOS devices.

Transferring Files to PC:

  1. Firstly open the menu on the left of the application.
  2. Connect to the option computer
  3. The next it will show the Wi-Fi options. Select the Wi-Fi you use and the option to start the hotspot
  4. Click on the start
  5. Select option portable from the list and you will see the server name FTP at the bottom of your page
  6. On your PC open file explorer and type the address there.
  7. Press enter and you will see all the files of your phone on your PC
  8. Now you are free to copy data from your phone to your PC.
  9. And it’s done. You have all your wanted files on your PC by using the app.

Transferring Files to IOS Device:

  1. Open the menu of the app. See the left of the app, where you will see the Web Share option.
  2. Select Web Share.
  3. After selecting you will see the username and password of a hotspot.
  4. Open the Wi-Fi settings on the device where you want to transfer and connect to the displayed network.
  5. After this ShareMe App will display an FTP address or QR code, which you have to open to complete the action.
  6. After opening your file will start transferring and hence you are done.
  7. You have all your wanted files on your iOS device by using the app.
ShareMe App
ShareMe App

Main Features of ShareMe App

  • Transfer and share files such as images, applications, videos, and files among devices.
  • Transfer files without using internet or mobile data.
  • It can transfer files among any device such as PCs, laptops, android, or iOS devices.
  • It has a user-friendly transfer files interface. ShareMe is clean and a simple application for beginners to use.
  • Files are sorted into categories such as music, applications, and images which make users find easily whatever they want.
  • The app resumes the transfers which got interrupted due to some reasons. Users can resume it from anywhere without starting over.
  • It has such a simple user interface that can make anyone comfortable especially beginners.
  • It can easily send large files without any buffering or issues.
  • The application supports multiple languages such as Chinese, Portuguese, English, Española, etc.

Advantages of ShareMe App

  1. Free to download and easy to use.
  2. Offers cross-platform sharing
  3. It has a minimalistic interface
  4. Works with or without an internet connection.
  5. It does not let users share files with multiple users.
ShareMe App
ShareMe App

Disadvantages of ShareMe App

  1. It does not let users share files with multiple users.


ShareMe is an extremely best application, because of its stability and variety of its features. From sending files by QR code to nearby devices to activate the button of transferring any kind of file or data you want to transfer. Users can even summarize downloads. It is a complete and much usable application around the globe. It contains no ads and is valid for every type of devices such as android, PC, or iOS device.

So, If you haven’t used this application till now and you are looking for an alternate application to transfer files or data, Try ShareMe App. It is a very complete and versatile application and a very perfect application when it comes to transferring files.


Q1: Is the app safe?

Ans: It uses a technology called Wi-Fi Direct. It sets up a local Wi-Fi network over which friends can share files. The users select the individuals who can send and receive files. The range of the Wi-Fi signal is limited as well as the number of users that can be on the network. In a crowded Internet cafe where a cyber-criminal might be present, it is no less safe than any other computer equipment. Of course, files infected with malware are shared just as easily as clean files. It is only as safe as the files being shared.

Q2: How does this data transfer app work in simple words? Does it use mobile data if there is no internet connection?

Ans: ShareMe App or any other app which is used for data transfer between two devices do not use a single bit of your mobile data. This kind of apps creates an ad hoc wireless network to share data. Say in layman term compare it with a walkie talkie, as to communicate between to handset you do not need any network. Walkie talkie emits its frequency, similarly, any mobile creates its Wi-Fi network rather than host it. So the sending device normally hosts the network and receiving device tries to connect to the same network. Then data transfer takes place.

Q3: Can you tell any other applications which are used for transferring files?

Ans: There is much more application by which we can easily transfer files but they can’t beat this app as it has many features which most of the application doesn’t contain. It is the application that works without add and no other application has the same feature.

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How to install ShareMe App Download V3.20.05 Latest For Android APK?

1. Tap the downloaded ShareMe App Download V3.20.05 Latest For Android APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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