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Spotlight Room Escape Apk is a new, popular and entertaining arcade and action game from the Escape Game Studio for Android.
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Android 5.0+
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Spotlight Room Escape Apk is a new, popular and entertaining arcade and action game from the Spotlight Room Escape Game Studio for Android, which has been released for free in the Play Store and is up to this day more than 50,000 times by Android users around the world. The world has been received, and as always, we have decided to introduce it to you for the first time in Iran!

The story of Spotlight Room Escape is a continuation of the previous games of the same studio that you have undoubtedly experienced before; In it, you are going to go on an adventure again and take part in a variety of challenges with your little hero! You are in the role of a minor character looking for gold; you must go ahead and pick it up, but be careful not to hit any obstacles on your way!

Spotlight Room Escape Apk

To smash gold coins, collect as many points as possible along the road, destroy other objects and make points; move through different paths and reach the target point! If you are an enthusiast or adventure enthusiast, do not miss Spotlight Room Escape under any circumstances.

Spotlight Room Escape Apk

It is another Minecraft-based game where you will find yourself in a world of blocks. If you like to build and create something new, this application is especially for you. You will have a lot of features and opportunities. Here you can build everything, starting with the houses and ending with the whole city. You will be able to decorate your world any way you want. Also, this game is good for the development of imagination. Your task will be to build whatever comes to your mind.

The game has several modes that expand its capabilities. For example, in creative mode, you will have access to all resources and materials at once, so you do not need to search for them anywhere. On the other hand, you will have limited resources in survival mode, so your task will become even more exciting and exciting.

You can play solo or together with your friends online. This way, you can make more creative ideas come true together.

There are no prohibitions on creating buildings and structures in the game, and only the sky is a limit!

Download Spotlight Room Escape Apk

Download the latest version of the Spotlight Room Escape Apk game for free from our website: Get the game on your android phone within no time.

Spotlight Room Escape Apk Download

Additional Information

App NameSpotlight Room Escape Apk
Latest VersionV8.44.0
Size143.9 MB
Compatible withAndroid 5.0+
RequirementsInternet Connectivity

Modes of Spotlight Room Escape Apk

The game has several modes: creative – all items available from the start; adventure – finding resources and crafting weapons; hardcore – die once, and all progress is lost; survival – on the night monsters wake up; spectator – watching other players game.

All modes except for creative involve the destruction of blocks and extraction of raw materials used to construct and manufacture necessary items. Only creativity does not have any restrictions, and in all other cases, you will need to create tools, build shelters, and look for food. In survival mode, it is worthwhile to build a shelter by nightfall because at this time in the world appears many aggressive mobs that can destroy even well-fortified structures.

In the game, there are several types of resources: wood, stone, coal, iron ore, gold ore, and diamond. These resources must be extracted using special tools: pickaxes or ax. The needed material is selected depending on which tool is involved in mining. For example, wood can be mined with an ax, but a stone with a pickaxe.

It should be noted that each type of resource in the game is used not only for its intended purpose. For example, stone and wood are needed to create building materials such as bricks or plans.

Spotlight Room Escape Apk

World’s of Spotlight Room Escape Apk

The game has 4 different worlds, and each world has its own story.

  • The 1st world is all about the Kingdom of Funny Face, a king, and his son, the prince of that kingdom.
  • The 2nd world of Spotlight Room Escape Apk is about a dragon who created a new kingdom, and all the people from the 1st world went there to live in peace.
  • The 3rd world of it is about the dragon’s son who creates a new kingdom for all the people.
  • The 4th and final world of this game is about all these kingdoms coming together to fight against a monster called LOKI who wants to destroy everything.

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What to do

Spotlight Room Escape Apk is a game where you mine, craft, and fight. You get materials such as wood, dirt, stone, and other resources from the ground by mining. These materials can be used to craft new items and tools. You can also use your resources to build yourself a shelter to protect from monsters at night.

You will find mobs that are peaceful and friendly and can also build farms to live off of or kill them for food. There are also hostile mobs that will try to attack you at night or underground in caves. You can farm the hostile mobs for resources or protect yourself by making tools like swords and bows. You can die in the game if you don’t pay attention!

A lot of people watch videos on the Spotlight Room Escape Apk on YouTube. It is an excellent source of entertainment and education so give it a try!


Build anything you can imagine.

Collect resources and craft hundreds of items and blocks.

Explore randomly generated worlds.

Solve puzzles and build incredible structures.

Defend against monsters and the environment.

Unlimited worlds, free updates, and more!

In-built essential crafting recipes for torches, doors, and fire items.

Smelt your ores into ingots.

Use wood to craft planks and sticks for the items you need to build a base.

Craft a furnace from cobblestone to unlock the ability to smelt food and ore!

You can also mine coal from stone with a stone pickaxe or use coal as fuel in a furnace!

Mine Redstone ore to create Redstone dust, which power Redstone creations like lamps and switches!


There are three ways to play: fighting the mobs, building, and exploring the caves.

The mobs spawn at night. They are zombies and skeletons, creepers (the ones that blow up), and spiders. You fight them with swords, axes, or bows and arrows. The best strategy is to build a shelter before nightfall. If you don’t have enough time, sometimes you can climb onto a high place where they can’t get you.

To build things, you need wood and stone. To get these, you have to cut down trees. Trees are chopped down by hitting the blocks they grow out of (the trunk). The wood breaks all at once, so it is a good idea to build a little staircase of blocks under it so that it doesn’t disappear into the water or the ground when the tree falls. Trees come in two varieties: normal ones with brown trunks and fir trees with blue-green trunks that give you pine cones as well as wood. If you hit a pine cone, it will break like an egg so you can collect its contents; I think it gives you needles for making dyes, but I’m not sure what else it does yet.

You also get stone from hitting stones with your pickaxe (a pickaxe is made)


Spotlight Room Escape Apk
  • What are the system requirements for the Spotlight Room Escape Apk?

Spotlight Room Escape Apk is compatible with Android devices having Android 4.0 or later.

  • What languages does Spotlight Room Escape Apk support?

Spotlight Room Escape supports English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese and Russian.

  • What are the specifications of the app?

Specifications are mentioned above in additional information table.

  • How much does Spotlight Room Escape Apk cost?

It is free to download and play on your device.

Concluding stanza

With Spotlight Room Escape Apk, you can create houses, mansions, castles, and many more things. Play with fire, water, lava, and much more. Explore the Spotlight Room Escape Apk in creative or survival mode. Have Fun!

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1. Tap the downloaded Spotlight Room Escape Apk Download V8.44.0 Latest For Android APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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