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Tap tap app Apk is a popular game. It has both a light version and full version. Tap tap app is developed by Tap tap games LLC and is available on both Google play store and Apple app store.
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Android 4.4+
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Tap Tap App Apk

People who love to play games on the go will be glad to learn about an app for Android devices that has been getting a lot of attention lately. It’s called Tap Tap App Apk, and it’s a fun little game that lets you challenge your friends to see who can tap the screen the fastest.

Tap Tap is a fun way to pass time. It has a very simple premise: tap the screen as fast as you can while avoiding obstacles and collecting gold coins along the way. There is a leader board that shows which of your friends have the highest score, so it’s just as competitive as it is entertaining.

You can also choose to compete against yourself or get help by choosing one of three different power-up items at the start of each round. Each power-up does something different, such as freezing your opponents for five seconds or allowing you twice as much time to complete a level before the countdown timer starts.

Tap Tap App Apk

In addition to all its other features, Tap Tap App Apk also has a ranking system in place. As players progress from level to level, they gain experience points and eventually move up in rank—from Recruit to Private I, Private II, Sergeant I, Sergeant II, and finally reaching General status. Each rank includes five levels with increasingly difficult challenges and goals.


Tap tap app Apk is a popular game. It has both a light version and full version. Tap tap app is developed by Tap tap games LLC and is available on both Google play store and Apple app store. The latest version of this game is available. Tap tap game has been downloaded over 100 million times worldwide.

Tap Tap App Apk Download

Additional Information

App NameTap Tap App Apk
Compatible withAndroid 4.4+
Latest Version48.71 MB
RequirementsInternet Connectivity

Modes of the game

If you love to play games, why not try a free game? Tap tap app apk is a free game for Android. This is a fun and addictive game for you to play on your phone. You will tap the screen as many times as you can in 60 seconds. The faster you tap, the higher your score will be.

In this game, there are three modes that you can choose: Classic mode, Arcade mode, and Zen mode. In Classic mode, you must tap the screen as many times as possible in 60 seconds. However, when the time is over and if you have pressed the screen more than 100 times, a special surprise will appear!

In Arcade mode, each time you tap the screen after 100 taps, your score will increase by one point. You only need to tap once per second to achieve your best result in this mode!

In Zen mode, you need to keep tapping to keep the ball from dropping on the floor. When the ball bounces off of a platform or a wall, it will change its color! The goal of this mode is to make all of the ball’s colors match. A perfect score in this game is 300 points! If you want to download this free game, just search for “Tap Tap App Apk”.

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The story of the Tap Tap app apk

The game is very interesting. In this game we have to click on the screen. When we click on the screen a red ball comes on screen and we have to click before the time is over. The score will come on top of the screen. If we fail to click that red ball, then our score will be zero.

If we clicked that red ball, then our score will be one point. After that if we clicked again, then our score will be two points, and so on. Our target is that how many points we can get in a minute or in an hour or in a day or in a week or in a month or in a year. We can try as much as possible.

The more points we got then it shows us that how good we are at clicking the red ball. We can share it with our friends and relatives also by sending them a link through messaging application like WhatsApp, Telegram, BBM etc. It is very interesting game which can make your holidays stress-free and enjoyable


Tap Tap is an addictive game that is fun to play with. This article will tell you how to play Tap Tap game.

The game starts when you click on the app icon. The main goal of the game is to get as many points as possible. The player needs to tap on four balls before they reach the ground . If you miss any ball, you will lose a life. If you lose all your lives, the game ends.

Tap Tap App Apk

When the 4 balls are tapped, they disappear and new balls will come up. There are three power ups in this game; they are the color powers, remove powers, and time powers. The color power makes all your balls to have the same color, but it will cost you one life.

The time power makes your time stop for some seconds so that you can have a break to think about your next moves or just enjoy watching your balls float in the air. This power also costs 1 life if used . The remove power removes one ball every time it is used but it also costs 1 life .

When you get more points ,you can get extra lives . There are two ways of getting extra lives; you can either watch video ads or complete achievements . As for video ads, when an advertisement comes up, click on the x.


Tap tap app is a game available on Google play store .The game is free to play .

Q1. -What is tap tap app ?

  1. Tap tap app was created by Baidu . It’s a game where you have to tap the screen and bounce the ball . The objective is to clear all of the bricks in each level .

Q2. -What does it look like ?

  1. It looks like this. Click and Check.
Tap Tap App Apk


Tap tap app apk is a fun game to play. It is a very addicting game. Anyone who plays this game will become attached to it . The game is easy to play but hard to master . The goal of the game is to get as high score as possible . To do this you have to tap on the screen as many times as you can in a minute . Each time you tap the screen your score increases by 1 point . See how high your score can get !!

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How to install Tap Tap App Apk Download V2.32.0-rel.200000 Latest For Android APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Tap Tap App Apk Download V2.32.0-rel.200000 Latest For Android APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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