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WWE SuperCard Mod Apk is a game that you can never get tired of. It has a very easy interface that makes you addicted to it.
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WWE SuperCard Mod Apk is a game that you can never get tired of. It has a very easy interface that makes you addicted to it. The game has been gaining popularity since its release in February 2015. It has two versions available: one for iOS and one for Android. With a large number of players, it is almost impossible to come across someone who does not know about this game.

What is WWE SuperCard Mod Apk?

WWE Supercard is a mobile game that is created by 2K Sports. It is available for many platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows. The game has been launched for the first time in 2014 and it was made to follow the tradition of the WWE games that come with the famous wrestlers or superstars in them. The game gives you a chance to build your team of WWE stars. You can engage yourself in various fights and also win a lot of rewards while playing it.

WWE SuperCard Mod Apk

To play this game, you will need access to an internet connection and also a device that runs on iOS or Android. Users should also have a valid account with the game before they can begin playing it. The game comes with the official app store that users can use to download the latest version of it on their devices.


It is also possible to download the application from other trusted sources if users want to use other versions of the game than what is available in the official app stores for free. There are several modifications of this application available online for free as well as paid ones too. Users can select anyone that suits their needs best and enjoy playing the modified application with no issues at all.

WWE SuperCard Mod Apk Download

Additional Information

App NameWWE SuperCard Mod Apk
Compatible withAndroid 5.0+
Latest Versionv4.5.0.7345509
Size102 MB
RequirementsInternet Connectivity


The history of WWE SuperCard Mod Apk dates back to the 1990s when it started as a professional wrestling promotion based out of Connecticut. It was founded by a company called Titan Sports, which would later be known as World Wrestling Entertainment. Today, it’s the largest wrestling promotion in the world.

At first, the company featured its wrestlers and a roster of championships. As time went on, however, it changed to what is now known as its “sports entertainment” format, meaning the entire sports aspect was just for show with non-athletes playing roles of professional wrestlers who take part in scripted events.

This format has been wildly popular over the years, with these actors appearing on TV every week as they compete against each other in matches. The winner of each match gets to advance to the next level and face an even tougher opponent. There are also titles at stake during these matches; so if you win your match-up, you get a title belt that you can wear around your waist. Winning enough matches will give you the right to challenge for higher belts (e.g., Intercontinental Champion).

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Playing Mode

There are five different wrestling modes in WWE SuperCard: Battle Royale, Showcase, Ladder Match, Cage Match, and Pay-Per-View.

Battle Royale features one-on-one matches between randomly selected players. The winner is the player who first wins two matches.

Showcase is a test of endurance where the player tries to win as many matches as possible with his/her chosen wrestler in a row.

Ladder Match is a fast-paced tag team mode where players try to beat their opponents to retrieve titles hanging above the ring. The winner is the first player to retrieve the title.

A cage match pits two wrestlers against each other inside a cage for a set amount of time. The winner is determined when one wrestler pins the other or forces them to submit after time runs.

In pay-per-view mode, you can spend real money to get more card packs. However, there are some tips for you to make the most money from it.

WWE SuperCard Mod Apk


  1. Some special packs that are only available for a short time or expire after some time.
  2. Multiplayer Mode: You can play with your friends on various pay-per-views and tournaments.
  3. Duels: You can play against other people and win their cards through duels.
  4. Daily Quests: Complete daily quests to get experience points, coins, gems & other items (Only available in certain countries).
  5. Unlock Challenges: Win matches to get big rewards like rare cards, coins, gems & other items (Only available in certain countries).
  6. 2 players will fight against each other in this mode. And the default setting of this game will be 1 champion and 1 challenger like a real wrestling match. In other words, you can only play against your opponent who has been set as your challenger.
  7. There are several ways to win this match:
  8. Defeat your opponent by pinfall or submission within the time limit;
  9. Defeat your opponent by elimination;
  10. Defeat your opponent by counting out;
  11. Your opponent gives up;
  12. Decide the champion of this event through Superstar Showdown Mode and Showdown Mode for Divas;
  13. Decide the champion of this event through Royal Rumble Mode and Royal Rumble Mode for Divas;
  14. If a player wins the match in any way, he will get 1 PPV coin as a reward. But if he loses, he won’t receive anything. That is to say if you want to get PPV


The gameplay itself is fairly straightforward: You choose five cards from your deck to fight against an opponent’s five-card deck. Each card has stats for Strength, Speed, and Stamina; the higher the combined stat value of all five cards in your deck, the better chance you have at winning the battle. But because this is a card game, there are some other nuances–for example, if one of the cards in your deck has “Teamwork,” you’ll get a bonus depending on how many Teamwork cards you have out on the field.

How to win?

– Find a deck with a win rate of at least 55% or higher. If your win rate is low, then look at other players’ decks to see how they are built. Check out their cards and use them in your deck.

– Use the search function to find cards that fit into your deck’s strategy. Many cards are useful in certain situations but useless in others. Make sure to only include useful cards.

– Don’t keep any useless cards in your deck. This may seem obvious, but it’s easy to forget about one or two really bad cards; these will drag your deck down and make it lose more often than it should. Trim down your deck as much as possible without sacrificing its effectiveness for the most part.

Installation Process

To download the mod apk, first of all, you need a great Android emulator. One of the best among them is the Nox Player which comes with a powerful Google search feature. Secondly, grab your USB cable and connect your android phone to your PC or laptop. Then open up the Nox Player and search for WWE SuperCard Mod Apk version 1.4.0. After that, click on the download button to start downloading this file. The installation process will begin automatically as soon as it’s completed downloading. And that’s all! You now have WWE SuperCard Mod Apk installed on your device!

Pros and Cons


The Pros of the WWE SuperCard Mod Apk are it is very easy to use and can be played on any device. It can also be used offline.


The Cons of the WWE SuperCard Mod Apk are it costs money and you cannot advance without buying packs.


Q: Is it legal to download the WWE SuperCard Mod Apk?

A: Yes, it is legal.

Q: How do I install the WWE SuperCard Mod Apk?

A: You can download and install this application directly from the play store.

Q: How to run the game after installation?

A: Simply go to the play store and search for “WWE SuperCard” or “WWE SuperCard Hack”, you will see the modified version on top of the original game. Click on install, wait until it’s finished, then click on open. There you go!

Q: Are there any risks in downloading the WWE SuperCard Mod?

A: As there are no viruses and Trojans in the application, there are no risks in downloading and installing this application.

WWE SuperCard Mod Apk
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WWE SuperCard Mod Apk is a game in which you can make the superstar of your choice, the battle of the ring, and the wrestling match on a screen full of action. The player will have to try and defeat opponents to accumulate combat points and gain new cards to increase their deck power. The goal is to be the last survivor in a fight or to win all the battles. You can now download WWE SuperCard Mod Apk for free on android.

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How to install WWE SuperCard Mod Apk Download V4.5.0.7345509 Latest APK?

1. Tap the downloaded WWE SuperCard Mod Apk Download V4.5.0.7345509 Latest APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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