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Xender APK is considered as one of the fastest file sharing applications. It is a nice and unique app for transferring files and much more.
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Android 5.0+
19 MB

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Xender APK is considered one of the fastest file-sharing applications. It is a nice and unique app for transferring files and much more.

All About Xender APK

If you are having trouble with transferring your important files or other videos between different devices, this free app is definitely for you. Xender APK is considered one of the fastest file-sharing applications. It is a nice and unique app for transferring files, photos, videos, music, and much more between multiple devices. Xender allows you to share data real quick.

Xender APK
Share Music & Video

All you have to do to install this app. It’s free. Launch it, set up your profile, and share files or music with your friends in a few minutes. This app is an alternative to Bluetooth. Xender works fast without any breakdown or interruption.


You should have the app downloaded on your phone. It is completely free.

Xender APK Download

Additional Information

App NameXender APK
Compatible withAndroid 5.0+
Latest Versionv12.0.1.in.3.Prime
Size19 MB
RequirementsInternet Connectivity

Features and Details:

Xender APK has a lot of amazing features.

Highest Speed:

Can you imagine sending a bunch of files to your friends in a few seconds? Yes, now it is possible with the Xender App. Xender enables you to transfer files with flash speed. This incredible application offers 200 times faster sharing than Bluetooth or other file transfer applications. No doubt, it is the best option for you to share your files through this app.

Status Saver:

Besides transferring files, this app can also download status or stories from WhatsApp, ig, Facebook, etc. Share these videos with your friends.

Connection free:

You don’t need to connect your phone to the Internet or other connection. Just with one touch share whatever you want to. No cable is needed while sharing files from one device to another one.

Transfer Large files:

You don’t have to compress your files anymore to share them with others. There is no limitation here for this. No matter how big the file is, Xender transfers it without any fatigue.

Multiple devices:

This is an outstanding feature of this app. You can share files or videos to more than 2 devices simultaneously. It will save your time automatically.

Why is this app for transferring files?

Here’s a question that might pop up in your mind. Why should you consider this specific app for transferring files or music? There are several other file-sharing apps then why Xender? Xender is free for androids, ios, pc, and macs. With the fastest speed, it supports dozens of languages. Sharing too big files with flash speed is only possible for Xender.

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What’s new about the latest version?

Here, we have the new latest version of this amazing app. New additions in this version include:

  • Other bugs have been fixed. Share your data without any kinda interruption.
  • Another new feature is that now you can easily convert any video to audio. It helps you to listen to your favorite music or important lecture without a screen displaying video that consumes more battery.
  • An additional fun part for users, you can change any voice recording into a ringtone.

Recent Users Report:

If we talk about its users’ reviews. They are very satisfied with this application. They appreciate the new features like scan and connect features. Users find it the best sharing app. Some users complained about the multiple permissions, you’ve to allow them all while installation. Besides this, Xender has no major major flaw.

Xender APK
File Sharing App


  • It transfers files much faster as compared to other file-sharing apps. This incredible speed makes this app useful and outstanding.
  • Simple to use
  • Sharing options are not limited. You can transfer files between more than 2 devices at the same moment.
  • It is free to download.


  • It can’t run in the background.
  • It requires a lot of permissions from the user. You’ve to allow them to transfer files.

How can you download Xender APK?

You can download the Xender App in simple steps or from our website APPROX.

For Pc or Mac users, simply visit the Microsoft store and get this app for free.

For androids or Ios, you can download it from the play store. It’s free and simple.

Xender APK


To sum up, Xender is user-friendly. You might know other file sharing apps but this app has unique features that make it worthy for students and other people. This well-known file-sharing tool allows fast transferring. You must give it a try. Download this application from the above link mentioned.


  • Is Xender free to download?

Yes, Xender is free for androids and Windows. A lot of people use this faster app to transfer photos, videos, and files to multiple devices. You can download it free from the play store. For Pc and Mac users, download Xender from the Microsoft store. It’s all free.

  • Is Xender safe and secure?

Any kind of sharing app is not secure at all. As you provide data and files to it and render itself requires a lot of permissions from the user. The files are visible to other users. It may or may not be harmful in the future. In short, It is a trustworthy app today. Allowance for multiple things doesn’t mean that Xender is not safe at all.

  • Does Xender reduce picture or video quality?

No, Xender doesn’t reduce quality while transferring. The files, pictures, or videos don’t lose their quality. It makes this app useful for students and other people. It is one of the best file transfer apps for professional use.

  • Is Xender an Indian or Chinese app?

China owes this file transfer App. It is not an Indian app. This Chinese app is manufactured by Xender digital technology private limited, China.

  • Do Xender need your location to transfer files?

Yes, the user has to allow this permission to transfer the files. You don’t have to worry about it. This is secure. The location permission in androids is used to locate other nearby devices if you don’t have a WiFi connection at that moment.

  • Do you need any other connection to share files or photos through Xender?

No other connection is needed to transfer files through Xender. Sharing files is pretty simple here. You can easily share files, photos, or music without any other connection.

Download links

How to install Xender APK Download V12.0.1.in.3.Prime Latest For Android APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Xender APK Download V12.0.1.in.3.Prime Latest For Android APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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